Corporate Social Responsibility

Botanical Resource Holdings is defined by social responsibility. The vast and myriad healing benefits of plants is an ancient knowledge – held in trust by indigenous custodians – it is this depth of knowledge that we would like to safeguard and ensure for future generations.

Founding members of BRH have a long standing collaboration with Paramount Chief Richard Kutela and the !Kai Korana Community based in the Kannaland Delta of the Western Cape, working closely with the community on many levels.

We acknowledge them as the historic knowledge holders of the specific plant type – Sceletium tortuosum with an alkaloid content specifically high in mesembrine originating only in the Kannaland Delta and which was used in the selective hybridization of the proprietary variety DV17 used in the production for all Trimesemine™ extracts.

With formal partnerships and a close working relationship, we continue to support, endorse and strive for the betterment of their community. Our efforts and focus areas include:

  • Publications
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Community development
  • Financial Benefit
  • Product endorsement
  • Wellness sponsorship