Botanical Resource Holdings is a driven, passionate company with a mission statement that is more than just carefully crafted words. It is a statement that guides our values, beliefs, objectives and purpose. It identifies our objective, to find a solution, how we intend to do it and ensure absolute focus in our day to day operations.


BRH strives in the continued discovery, development and delivery of integrated, specialized natural solutions for optimal physical and mental health and wellbeing while empowering, enriching and championing the history and benefits of traditional knowledge.


As a preferred producer of novel nutraceuticals, uniting science with nature, we remain focused on the global customer and committed to exceeding regulatory and quality requirements through motivated, empowered and dedicated partners.

The Real Difference

The real difference is the close relationship between scientific research and indigenous collaboration. All research is assimilated with traditional knowledge holders who have a historic understanding of the true nature and the benefit of natural remedies.